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What kind of sleeper are you? 
Maybe it's not quite what you think...
Once you take stock of your sleep, you'll be a step closer to getting the sleep you need! 
Download your Sleep Fit Inventory (Checklist/Guide)!
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The Perfect Consult Script
(The 5 Questions You Must Ask To Close More Clients)
The Perfect Consult Script is the exact word-for-word script (with questions) that I followed in over 1,500 consults to close new clients at 70% without feeling sleazy or salesy
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WITH this free Checklist, I'll share with you:
 key questions to ask when examining your sleep fitness
Use this inventory to inform you about where you are now in terms of your sleep journey. It will provide you with questions that assist you in becoming more self-aware of your sleep.
This inventory gives you practical suggestions on the next steps to take on your sleep wellness journey. Use it to guide your sleep fit plans!
Hi, I'm Dr. Sheryl Guloy. Along with our team of experts, at Somnolence+, I coach people on their wellness journey to becoming sleep fit.
The Sleep Fit Inventory is based on my experience in overcoming sleep issues of my own, which spearheaded my involvement in the sleep research and consulting communities. This inventory checklist provides you with key questions to consider as you embark on your journey to better sleep, health, and wellness.

Without this inventory, you could still be wondering where to begin. This inventory will make your next steps more concrete so that you can start getting the most out of your sleep.

Use this inventory to begin moving towards sleep fitness and good sleep.

I wish you a good night's rest!
We are Dr. Sheryl Guloy, Dr. Mayra Carlos Lazo, Dr. Luc Beaudoin, and Dr. Arturo Santisteban  - sleep experts, consultants, and educators!

Each of us began our sleep wellness journey because of our own issues with sleep. We've since used our research skills to develop methods and innovations  to help ourselves overcome these issues. Now, we are sharing them with you.

Get a personalised Sleep Fit Session with Dr. Sheryl Guloy and access to our team of experts.

Our work has appeared in The Guardian, New York Times, Forbes, Oprah Magazine, International Business Times,  
 CBC, CTV, among others.

 We've trained  and worked with universities, corporations, and nonprofits on sleep.

Our research has appeared in various conferences and journals.

What People Have to Say About Our Programs and Innovations...

Thank you, Somnolence+, for teaching me how to optimize my potential through sleep!

- Oscar Rivas, 2021 World Boxing Council (WBC) Bridgerweight Boxing Champion

Somnolence+ and their team of sleep experts instructed me on how to sleep to be at my best in my quest to become a world champion. The change in my dreams and my performance was incredible. I recommend that anyone looking to achieve peak performance look at their own sleep wellness and look no further than Somnolence + for sleep coaching!
"I found the online sleep course very useful. I personally being a night owl found it very difficult to adjust to my 8-5 work schedule. I learnt some useful tips and tools from the course that enabled me to optimize my sleep habits and environment  in order to get more sleep as well as more quality sleep."
- Olivia, Montreal, Canada

"I learned more about sleep and the myths around it, especially because I grew up believing many of them. I did not realize that there was still much I had to learn and adjust in my beliefs and self-care lifestyle. One thing that was helpful was the discussion on being aware of our circadian rhythms and its benefits in allowing rest to naturally fall into place. Healthy sleep promotes and sustains a healthy life. And this starts with a good introduction to healthy habits. And then of course, doing it."
- Lissa, Edmonton, Canada

"I liked learning about circadian rhythms and that there really are different types of [sleeping patterns], night owls."
- Louise, Toronto, Canada

"What an excellent app this is. I have come to rely on it, for sure. After years of using music, which has mixed success, this shuffle business does exactly what it says on the tin. Sometimes it fails to engage me and now I know that I must breathe and release my inner thoughts and let the sleep app take dominance."
- Penny, UK

"I'm emailing to say thank you. My son is three years old. He's had problems falling asleep. Some nights he was up late and was grumpy the next day. In fact I'd be grumpy too because my night consisted of tucking him and snuggling him over and over for hours. Then I downloaded your app and our lives changed for the better!... Thank you for not only helping our son fall asleep but also for helping our family have a positive bedtime routine...We started using the app in early 2017. It's nearly been a year... Keep up the great work! You've made a huge difference in our family!"
- Scott, Canada
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Your sleep wellness journey begins with this step...
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